Vampire Knight Chapter 44: Attachment

After the month long wait, Vampire Knight (manga) Chapter 44 is finally out. While I noticed that some find it a boring chapter, I actually thought it was illuminating in parts. Yes, no doubt some readers claimed all there is to know about Zero and what affect his behaviour but nevertheless, what was revealed before was not exactly from his own point of view. Here, we have him narrating in flashbacks of his past and how he has difficulty dealing with the changes that has began to surface where back when Chairman Cross first took him in. We see his interactions with Yuuki, the development of their relationship and how he really feels for her which later on affected his actions.

As I suspected, his stand off with her has more to do with the fact that he wants his life to end and the person he feels that is qualified to end it is Yuuki, who happens to be the one person he thinks that should not make any more sacrifices for him. Obviously, it shows the depth of his feelings towards her despite his inability to express them to Yuuki. I guess it’s because he has always felt from the beginning that he is not qualified to love someone like Yuuki, knowing that she worships the ground Kaname walks on. And yet, he clings to the memory of her warmth, giving him strength.  Still, I don’t think Yuuki will kill him or let him die because she will stubbornly stick with her promise to standby him no matter what happens.

Speaking of Kaname, who I feel is the one person who will not hesitate to end Zero’s life should he feels threaten by him, cryptically spoke of Rido or whatever is left of him trying to cling to the remnants  of survival even when there’s no longer any form or shape for it/him to return to.  At least, that’s the impression I’m getting. What’s going to happen now that Rido is no more?  A lot about Kaname and his intentions has yet to be revealed now that he has disposed of the Council. It feels odd for the whole internal strife issue to end just like that.  There’s still the dang Association to deal with. Evidently, we’re still stuck with the choices that each of the characters has to make and hopefully, we get to see what those choices are in the forthcoming installment of the VK manga.

**VK manga scanlations courtesy of the ever wonderful SGK**

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