CD Single: Nagare-Boshi by Round Table ft. Nino

Yozakura Quartet’s ED theme ‘Nagareboshi’ CD single is out today. The CD also features 2 B-sides vocal tracks and instrumental versions of the first two songs. I actually preferred this ending theme over the OP song ‘Just Tune’ by Savage Genius. Nagareboshi is a much better single in that it sounds like a proper pop single rather than having that anime-ish type of tune usually associated with anime series. I am saying this knowing that Round Table did quite a few anime soundtracks.  Even the B-sides work well as individual tracks…am I making any sense?! ‘Akane-iro sentimental’ is a pretty good mid tempo ballad which I can get into quite easily. But my favourite is ‘Inori’, a softer number with simple melodic arrangement. Nino’s vocals are bearable. At least she doesn’t end up sounding screechy or overly pitchy. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t already done so.

CD Single: Anime Yozakura Quartet ED – Nagare Boshi (Japan Version)
Artist: Round Table ft. Nino
Date Released: 22-Oct-2008

Publisher Product Code: VTCL-35046
Language: Japanese
Disc Format(s): CD

01 ナガレボシ Nagareboshi
02 茜色センチメンタル Akane-iro Sentimental
03 祈り Inori
04 ナガレボシ -without Nino-
05 茜色センチメンタル -without Nino-

Support the originals. Buy the CD here.

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