Vampire Knight Guilty Ep 03: The Lapis Lazuli Portrait ~Mirage~

Episode 3: 瑠璃玉の肖像 ~ミラージュ~

Finally managed to get a decent Raw of the latest episode. It means better screencaps and they are plenty for me to play around with. This week sees more screen time for Aidou. In fact there’s emo Aidou, angsty Aidou, sparkly Aidou, sulky Aidou, jealous Aidou, mischievous Aidou, Aidou in a bathtub and chibi Aidou. There’s even chibi Kaname in the midst of Aidou’s thoughts and flashbacks. I guess it can’t be help as this episode is mostly about Aidou’s anxieties and doubts over Kaname’s actions in regards to witnessing Shizuka’s death and, his wavering loyalty. Lots of flashbacks on how he first met Kaname. We get to learn abit of Kaname’s childhood past.  Chibi Kaname and Aidou is so kawaii.

Lots of comedy sketch involving Aidou, Yuuki and Zero when Aidou imposed himself on those two over at the Chairman’s residence whilst the rest of the students from the Academy were away on vacation. Fans of Shiki can rejoice too. Snuck in between are some scenes of Shiki who didn’t joined the rest of his classmates for the trip to Aidou’s family estate. Instead, Shiki went home to visit his mom. Lots of sweet tender moments between Shiki and his mom. If I didn’t know that was his mom, I would have thought differently about those hugging scenes. I mean, his mom looks awfully young and obviously, they have a close relationship.

Yuuki and Zero shippers fret not over the overload of Kaname x Yuuki scenes from the previous episode. This week, there are some *hawt* Yuuki and Zero moments involving Zero licking Yuuki’s bleeding hand. Yuuki sort of cut herself when she tried to pick up the pieces of broken plate that she had accidentally dropped. Not wanting her precious blood to go to waste, Yuuki offered it to Zero…she kind of persuade him to when he hesitated. And last but not least, we even have some obligatory Yagari and Chairman Cross scenes where they’re shown to be discussing their suspicions over the Council’s and the Association’s activities.

Now it’s time for screencaps overload.
Night class students leaving their dorm and the academy to go on their vacation.  Shiki and Aidou stayed behind. Yuuki stood and watch them go.  She meant to ask Kaname something but backout at the last moment.

Day class girl’s dorm head spotted Yuuki outside the the boy’s dorm and caution her not to hang out there until she spotted Aidou. Aidou just charms his way out of trouble but unfortunately not with Zero.

Chairman Cross and Yagari having a serious talk. Cross is in a bad mood.  Yagari is smoking hot even without the ciggie…he really doesn’t need it.

Aidou made himself at home at the Chairman’s residence bossing Yuuki and Zero around. Zero cooks and Aidou ate. He sure has a huge appetite. Even took a chance and ask Yuuki about how she came to know Kaname. This led Yuuki to want to know about her missing past even more.  She’s been angsting over it alot lately.

Meanwhile at Aidou’s family home, Rima, Ichijou, Ruka and Kaname enjoys their evening tea while Kain is stuck in a room somewhere looking up information at Aidou’s behest. Aidou wants to find out about Kaname’s past and had Kain dig out some historical records.

Shiki went home to his mom who greeted him affectionately.  Apparently Shiki’s mom is an actress. She had a tryst with Rido and Shiki is the offspring of that union. Shiki doesn’t really know his dad. His mom obviously didn’t think very much of Rido. Sad for Shiki because he’s just a tool to be used later. Shiki and mom looked good together.

Aidou Flashback Part 1:
Whilst having a bath, Aidou recalls his first meeting with pureblood Kuran Kaname.  It didn’t turn out well at all.  Chibi Aidou didn’t take much to chibi Kaname because he feels that something’s odd with him.  Even way back then, Kaname gives out a pretty strong aura.  The other kids just feels fearful of him.  Kind of sad because it’s difficult for him to make friends. We get to see Juuri and Haruka too.  Yuuki sure takes after her mother. And we see why Aidou’s so attached with that lapis lazuli marble.

Aidou Flashback Part 2:
A few years after their first meeting, Aidou ran into Kaname at a gathering. Aidou confessed that he liked Kaname and wants to remain his friend.  Flashback over and Aidou wonders what happens to Kaname’s parents and why he came under the Council’s ward. After all that soul searching, he still swore loyalty to his beloved Kaname-sama.

Ouch Yuuki. Why did you have to cut yourself and tempt Zero with your blood? Look at those blood red eyes. And Zero will never let you become a vampire.

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