Fall ’08 Season First Impression: Kurozuka

Kurozuka is one series that I kept on my ‘might watch’ list this fall. I wasn’t really keen on watching it right away for some reason. Maybe it’s because I thought it’s one of those slasher type genre which is something that I hardly venture to watch.  But then it was recommended that I at least give it a first view which I managed to do so very recently.  It’s nothing like I’d imagined it would be.  I certainly didn’t expect Samurai warriors, Slashers, Vampires, Evil Masked Monks, Immortals…all in one show.  And unexpectedly, I was quite impressed with the first episode that I ended up watching the second episode.  It made me want to find out more about the story and intrigue that spans from 12th Century feudal Japan right up to the future. The two main characters’ interactions, Kuromitsu and Kurou are interesting to watch as this is their tragic tale afterall. The animation and the fight scenes are well done although the scenes can get quite violent with ample blood splattering and dismembered body parts flying everywhere.  There’s a fair bit of ‘explicit’ scenes being shown as well.  For these reasons, the series is rated ‘R’. This series has an adult feel with adult characters and it’s not something you want to watch on the fly either as the premise of the story takes time to absorb.  So, I still be watching the series at my own leisure pace. And ya, Miyano voicing Kouro is a nice surprise.

4 thoughts on “Fall ’08 Season First Impression: Kurozuka

  1. I suggest you don’t read manga at all before viewing the anime because it might ruin your experience. The anime is decent so far, but manga is filled with action overload, gore, sex, and violence. Did I mention rocket-propelled swords? >.>


  2. Oh really?! I haven’t read the manga so I guess I’m gonna just watch it as it is. But I’ll probably view it a little later when all the episodes are completed rather than watch it on a weekly episodic basis. 🙂


  3. The production values of the show are quite good. Direction, art direction, music, sound – all have high quality. I didn’t know who was responsible for music, but it turns out that it is Kiyoshi Yoshida (Kaiba, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time). However, I am reluctant to keep watching Kurozuka because I skimmed the entire manga prior to the start of the show and didn’t like the plot.


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