Kuroshitsuji Ep 03

Episode Summary:

This is one comical episode with nervy Grell (Madam Red’s butler) getting into all kinds of odd mishaps and Elizabeth dropping by for a surprise visit to the Phantomhive mansion. The household staff had their hands full dealing with Grell’s bumbling ways and Ciel having to deal with Elizabeth’s transformation of the mansion into one lollipop pink paradise (lol). Furthermore, he had to learn how to dance.  Sebastian’s the goods as usual, teaching Ciel some dance moves and ya, he can play the violin too. Elizabeth though, got a little carried away with her party planning by having the household staffs and Grell dress-up in frilles but step over the line when she threw a hissy fit over Ciel’s ring which she threw down and broke. Ciel’s having none of it and nearly gave Ellie a smack. Sebastian’s ever the gentleman, stepping in to stop things from getting out of hand. Ciel though surprises everyone by getting rid of the his precious heirloom ring. But the party goes on without further troubles. Ciel and Ellie made up with a dance. How sweet. Everything seems light and airy with this episode except that little peek at the news headline about some mysterious murder which foreshadows what is coming up. Judging from the preview, next week’s episode should be a whole lot more interesting seeing as it involved Ciel getting into a corset…lol.

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