Savage Genius CD Single: JUST TUNE (Yozakura Quartet OP)

If you’ve been watching 2008 Fall season new anime series ‘Yozakura Quartette’ and liked the opening theme by Savage Genius called ‘Just Tune’, the good news is that the CD single is out now.  The full version of the song has quite an energetic poppish beat and yes, it’s a very anime-ish type of tune.  The ‘B’ side is somewhat similar and could probably fit in as an anime theme.  Check out the tracklist below.

Artist: Savage Genius
Date Released: 16-Oct-2008

Publisher Product Code: VTCL-35040
Language: Japanese
Disc Format(s): CD
Support the originals. Buy the CD here:

02 水の惑星 Water Planet
03 JUST TUNE (without Vocal)
04 水の惑星 (without Vocal)

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