Vampire Knight Guilty Ep 02: Eternal Promise ~Paradox~

永遠の約束 ~パラドックス~

Episode Summary:

While out shopping with Yori in town, Yuuki kept having flashback of her almost kiss moment with Zero.  She had wondered what happened to Zero and what his nightmare was about at the time when a crying little boy suddenly came up to her, tugging her sleeve asking for his mother.  The boy seems lost and Yuuki agrees to help him find his mother and had told Yori to go on ahead without her.  Back at the Academy, Chairman Cross pass a notice from the Council to Zero, requesting his presence as an observer at a party that will be held for Vampires at the Council’s premises.  In the meantime, the Night class students are preparing to go the party.  Both Senri and Aidou had expressed some reservations about attending the party due to certain expectations by their respective families.  Kaname and Takuma along with his grandfather, Ichiou were in a car on the way to the party when Kaname took the opportunity to request Ichiou to rescind the Council’s order to execute Zero to which he reluctantly agrees.  Back in town, the lost boy has lead Yuuki to the entrance of an old building.  The boy said that’s where his mother is and thanked Yuuki for bringing him back by kissing her on her cheek.  Yuuki started feeling dizzy and collapsed on the ground. Moments later, Kain and Aidou arrived at the building’s entrance.  Kain saw an unconscious Yuki lying at the entrance and wondered what happened to her.

Yuuki awoke from her unconscious stupor and found herself lying on a couch inside a grand and spacious room.  Still dizzy and weak from her fainting spell, she became aware that Kaname is sitting besides her, tries to get up and wonders why she is there.  Kaname asked if she’s still speaking to him to which she replied if he has stopped doubting Zero than it is okay for her.  Takuma then came into the room calling for Kaname to get ready for the party.  He then asked the bewildered Yuuki how had she managed to end up collapsing at this place.  She explained she had brought a little lost boy to the place and when he kissed her on the cheek, she felt faint.  Takuma replied that the child must have belonged to one of the many guests at the party. He mentioned that vampire children has the ability to steal energy from other people and guessed that is what had happened to Yuuki.  Takuma and Kaname then left to attend the party. Kaname has asked Yuuki not to leave the room unnecessary for her own safety.  Meanwhile, Zero is already at the party keeping watch when Yagari suddenly appeared and ruffled his hair.  He asked Yagari what he was doing at the party to which he replied that he’s there to look out as well.  While observing the crowd, Zero felt the presence Shizuka behind him.  He turns and spotted Ichiru amongst the crowd.  Back in the room, Yuuki strangely felt as if she has been at the place before when the lost boy peered in from the door and apologized to her.  Yuuki got up and called out to him but he disappeared.

Yuuki found herself at a balcony overlooking the party hall and saw the many distinguished vampire guests.  She was surprised to spot Zero among the guests and wondered why he is there.  Then came the meet and greet session between Kaname and the guests.  Zero having seen Ichiru again, follows him and caused Ichiou some concerned as to his presence there.  Zero managed to find Ichiru and asked why and what is he doing in a place like that.  Ichiru tells Zero that he’s working for the council which surprises him.  Before Zero can questioned him any further, Ichiou and some members of the Council arrived and called him away.  After witnessing the many guests swarming Kaname, Yuuki left the balcony and went back to the room feeling a little overwhelmed by what she saw.  Kaname had spotted Yuuki on the balcony and returned to the room to find her.

A concerned Kaname reprimanded Yuuki for leaving the safety of her room causing her to apologize.  Kaname asked Yuuki why she left and she replied that she was worried about the little lost boy.  Cue lots of Yuuki and Kaname moments where Kaname had told Yuuki he wants to stay a while with her there.  Yuuki then thought to herself that it is okay for her as she would do anything for him even it only last for a moment.  She remembered how she has always felt that way.  There’s a scene where Kaname almost succumbs to his blood lust and bite Yuuki.  But that didn’t happen as he managed to control himself and quickly apologized to Yuuki for getting carried away.  He told Yuuki that it was time for her to leave.  Back at the hall, Zero told Yagari that he has met Ichiru.  Yagari said he is leaving as there are no troubles.  He asked Zero to send his regards to his little prefect partner much to Zero’s embarrassment. Yuuki returned to the Academy and was met by Chairman Cross and Yori when it started snowing.  Yuuki then recalled how Kaname had saved her on a similar night like this.  Things returned to normal again the next day when both Yuuki and Zero are back on duty together shepherding the Day Class students away from the Night Class.

While it doesn’t seem like a lot is going on in this episode, plotwise we did get introduced to Rido who is in the body of that lost little boy, evidence being that he has different coloured eyes.  We also know the reason Senri is being pampered by his family alot.  They are preparing him to be the next host for Rido and it is probably why he feels agitated with the way he’s being treated.  Another interesting part is Zero meeting Ichiru at the party and finding out he is working for the council causing some anxiety and tension between the brothers. And the Council invited Zero to be an observer is a curious thing.  Why did they do that?  It’s quite ominous that the Council is up to something.  We also see Yuuki beginning to want to know more about her missing past as she is starting to question her self.  On a side note, the character animation seems to be holding up rather well.  Let’s see how it goes in the next episode.

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