Vampire Knight Guilty Ep 01: The Sinners of Fate

Vampire Knight is back with Season 2 this fall and the first episode aired just this past Monday. Being a big fan of the original VK manga and having watched Season 1 back in Spring, I thought I blog the series as well this time round. I still don’t get why they add ‘Guilty’ to the anime title though. It makes you wonder who or what is guilty referring to. But anyway, on to the first episode impressions.

First off, I thought the intro theme by ON/OFF and opening sequence was just so-so. ON/OFF had previously done the opening theme for Season 1.  Somehow I can’t quite get into both themes they did for show.  I’d preferred the opening sequence for Season 1 though.  The visuals they used this time round puts more focus on Yuuki.  Same as the ending which I found to be a tad boring.  I didn’t like the ending sequence as compared to that of Season 1. Yuuki looked weird in the ED sequence.  Kanon Wakeshima’s ED theme sounds similar to the one she did for Season 1.  It has that same eerie feel and mood. Animation-wised, the quality is better but it’s still only the first episode.  I noticed that Yuuki’s eyes are still as big as saucer plates.  I am hoping they’ll maintain the level of consistency in terms of character animation this time round but perhaps that’s expecting too much.

Episode 1 basically continues the story after the Shizuka arc.  Zero had been absent from Cross Academy for a while.  Apparently Yuuki hadn’t had a clue what happens to him after the incident with Shizuka.  He eventually returns to the Academy, surprising Yuuki and the Day Class students.  Even Yagari is surprised at how Zero managed to recover from his level E state.  Of course, unbeknownst to everyone else, perhaps except Chairman Cross, Kaname was the one who saved Zero by giving him his blood. Things gets a bit troublesome when the Vampire council members came a calling to the Academy looking to capture Zero and execute him for Shizuka’s murder.  Yuuki got in the midst of the heat but Zero was there to fight off the Vampire council member.  To his surprise, he’s managed to acquire an increased of strength and power from drinking Kaname’s blood.  More council members appeared but the entire Night Class students along with Kaname shows up to prevent the situation from getting out of hand and scares off the remaining council members.  Yuuki though tells Kaname that they shouldn’t be chasing after Zero because he’s not guilty of killing Shizuka.  She accused Kaname of not being serious in admitting Zero’s innocence and threaten not to listen to him if he did not have any conviction behind his words.

Zero had earlier found out from Kurenai Maria that Kiryuu was just a pawn to hide the true culprit behind the elimination of Shizuka’s formerly human vampire lover.  And it was this enemy that Shizuka was after.  Maria further tells Zero that the culprit is his true enemy and the enemy of the purebloods as well.  Knowing this, Zero confronts Kaname and tells him that he knew it was Kaname who killed Shizuka.  He asked if Kaname was after her pureblood powers.  Kaname appears to be annoyed and jealous of the fact that Zero was in a position to protect the woman he loved. He further refused to tell Zero who the true enemy of the purebloods is that Maria had mentioned and brusquely tells him that he doesn’t need to know.  The part where I found Kaname to be highly overbearing was when he taunts Zero about the reason he was able to protect Yuuki is because his blood flows within Zero.  I thought that was rather vindictive of Kaname. The anime seems to portray his character as being highly resentful of Zero being closer to Yuuki.  It was much less so in the manga.  In fact, the anime version seems to make me detest Kaname’s characterization more and more.

I am just wondering whether the anime version will steam rolled through the manga chapters and cover the Rido arc in it’s entirety or just to the part where Yuuki finally woken and discover who she really is.  The OP scene seems to suggest the latter rather than the former.  It does seemed like the anime is slightly veering away from the manga by adding the additional Zero blood drinking scene in last season’s cliffhanger.  It came into play in this episode during the Kaname taunting Zero scene at the end.  Still, it will be interesting to see how the anime version will end and that’s the main reason why I’m watching this show.

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