Macross Frontier OST 2: Nyan Tora will be officially released in two days’ time i.e. 08-Oct-2008. What’s interesting is that *ahem* there was an apparent leak which allows some MF fans to preview the tracks ahead of time. I can tell you one thing though, after previewing the leaked version in its entirety, I have never been happier to pre-order my copy of the original CD weeks ago. It’s worth every penny invested!!! Check out my track previews below.

**Added more preview links


Release Date: 08-OCT-2008

Catalog No.: VTCL-60061
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Price: 2900yen (3045yen Tax incl.)
Item weight: 120 g
Order from cd japan,
[or alternatively from You can visit the link to check out the catalogue details & price at]


**click on highlighted links to preview selected tracks**

01. Prologue F
02. ノーザンクロス Northern Cross
03.トライアングラー Triangler (fight on stage)
04. HighSchoolLife
05. ランスフォーメーション Transformation
06. アナタノオト Anata no Oto
07. Test Flight Delight
08. 星间飞行 Seikan Hikou
09. イヌミミランカ Inu Mimi Ranka
10. 妖精 Yousei
11. 追忆のトランペット Tsuioku no Trumpet
12. 真空のダイアモンド クレバス Shinkuu no Diamond Crevasse
13. 爱・おぼえていますか Ai Oboeteimasuka~bless the little queen
14. 苍のエーテル Ao no Ether
15. Is this LOVE?
16. Shadow of Michael
17. アイモ O.C Aimo O.C.
18. Battle Frontier
19. 娘々サービスメドレー Nyan Nyan Service Medley
20. プロトカルチュアProtoculture

Favourite vocal tracks:

Shinkuu no Diamond Crevasse
~ this version of Diamond Crevasse is my absolute favourite and listening to it still made me teary, reminds me of how I felt watching Michel die…sob sob. MayN’s emotional delivery of this song is nothing short of awesome. In my opinion it’s her best vocal track out of all her songs from Macross Frontier and that’s saying something because I’m not exactly a big fan of her voice.

Ao no Ether
~ is my favourite of the original songs written for Megumi/Ranka. The beautiful melancholic melody of this song suited the simple music arrangements and Megumi’s lovely pure vocal delivery made this track one of the most sentimental and memorable track from the MF OST.  I can’t help but recall Ranka’s emotional departure scene on Ep.21 whilst listening to this song. The song and the scene just fitted in so well together, much like Diamond Crevasse and Michel’s death scene.

Ai, OboeteImasuKa~Bless the little Queen version
~ finally, a clean version of the whole song and it sounds as haunting and beautiful as it was heard on Ep.24. I love Megumi’s vocals on this track and the layered background vocals along with the musical arrangement made it aurally stunning to listen to, even arguably better than the original version.

~ the full song sounded much better than I thought. It doesn’t have the impact that Diamond Crevasse or Ao no Ether possessed but I definitely like it more than the harsh sounding Northern Cross.  Yousei has a softer melody and tone that’s quite easy to listen to.

Anata no oto
~ like Yousei, the full version sounded a whole lot better than the snippets we heard from the episodes it was in.  It really is a cutesy song with eeeks!!!… an irritatingly catchy chorus!  It’s not my favourite Ranka song but heck the chorus will get to you even if the song don’t….lol.  So stay away from this song if you don’t want to get infected by the annoyingly infectious ‘dokun, dokun, dokun’.  The music arrangement is lovely though.

Triangler (fight on stage)
~ a duet version of Triangler (featuring both MayN and Megumi) which I like so much more than the Maaya Sakamoto OP1 version.  Sorry Maaya!  What I dislike about the original Maaya version was that high pitch vocals…utterly grating.  However, I have no complaints about the song’s musical scoring.  In fact, I love the instrumental track of the song and often listen to it on my music player. Both May’N and Megumi delivered their vocal parts well, especially Megumi…she surprises me on some of her vocal parts. So yes, the duet version is a big WIN!

Nyan-Nyan Service Medley
~ includes 1) Lion, the main song 2) Infinity 3) My Boyfriend is a … 4) Diamond Crevasse 5) Seikan Hikou 6) What ’bout my Star 7) Ai oboeteimasuka and ended with a snippet of Aimo (Vajra mating song) echoing softly to fade.  I was trying the to match the scenes and the songs in my head while listening to the medley…fun thing to do.  It does sound a little haphazard at first listen but gets better after a few listens.

Least favourite track:

Aimo O.C
~ This version of Aimo fail me completely.  I dislike the arrangement and hated it even on the show.   It sort of distort the simple original melody altogether.  No doubt it served its purpose on the show as Grace’s war tune.

Favourite bgm tracks:

I thought the most memorable and moving bgm tracks are Proloque F, transformation, tsuioku no trumpet, is this Love, shadow of Michael and protoculture whilst tracks like HighSchoolLife, Test Flight Delight, inu mimi Ranka sounds cute and the scenes they were used for are mostly lighthearted ones.  Definitely the saddest musical score of the lot is “shadow of Michael”…I suppose you can tell I’m Michael biased.  But listen to the little violin solo in the middle of the track…makes me go all teary again…it’s beautiful. Nuff said!

Go get your copy of the original OST 2 album now if you haven’t already ordered it. :p

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