CD Singles: Angela Aki, Home Made Kazoku, Nightmare

I’ve been a tad busy to post any music updates recently so here’s playing catch-up with some of the September CD Singles releases that I like. My pick of Cd Singles for this post are Angela Aki, Home Made Kazoku and Nightmare.  Belated but nevertheless still good to share.


Tegami PV

CD Single: Tegami~Haikei Jugo no Kimi e~
Artist: Angela Aki
Date Released: 17-Sept-2008

01. Tegami~Haikei Jugo no Kimi e~
02. Final Destination
03. Still Fighting it
04. Tegami~Haikei Jugo no Kimi e~ Strings version

Tegami is Angela’s 8th single released to date. She’s back to deliver another piano driven ballad with her distinctive vocals that is instantly recognizable. The CD single includes the title track and 3 other ‘B’ songs, the 4th one being the strings’ version of the title track. I like the both the piano and the strings’ version of ‘Tegami’ although her soulful delivery stood out the most on the piano version.  The other track I like is ‘Final Destination’ which is a mid tempo number that has the feel good, toe tapping type of beat to it that makes you want to whistle along with the tune.  Weakest track of the lot is ‘Still Fighting It’ which also a ballad.  The melody just sounds a little monotonous for my liking.


Come Back Home PV

CD Single: Come Back Home
Artist: Home Made Kazoku
Date Released: 3-Sept-2008

01. Come Back Home
02. 一家言 (Ikkagen)
03. Easy Walk (DJ Deckstream Remix)

The J-Hip Hop Trio is back with their latest Single ‘Come Back Home’.  I took an immediate liking to the title track at the first listen.  I like the fact that the ‘rap’ in between does not distract the flow and melody of the song. The light strings arrangement adds a nice summery feel to the song and the smooth vocals is just full of win.  This is one cool track I’ll listen to time and again.  The other two ‘B’ tracks included in the single are ‘Ikkagen’ and ‘Easy Walk-Remix’.  Ikkagen has an interesting beat which sort of grows on you the more you listen to it.  I quite like the ‘Easy Walk’ remix as well.  Overall, an enjoyable and listenable single from the Home Made boys, easily making it one of my favourite CDs.


CD Single: Lost in Blue
Artist: Nightmare
Date Released: 17-Sept-2008

01. Lost in Blue
02. Kaiko Catharsis

J-rock band Nightmare’s most recent single release is titled ‘Lost in Blue’ which itself is a fairly decent track from them but it’s not exactly something that jumps out at first listen. I actually prefer the stronger B-track ‘Kaiko Catharis’.  Yomi sounded vocally better here than on the main track.  The music arrangement with the rather melodic guitar riff in mid refrain and towards the end made this the standout track of the single.

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