Macross Frontier Ep.25 (End): Anata no Oto

**Post Edited: 29-Sept-08

I just cut this clip/excerpt of ‘LION’ medley which in my mind is the best use of song for action sequence on this episode.  Reason: it included all my favourite scenes.  🙂 Enjoy!!!

Gasp! Don't shoot me, I'm the Galactic Fairy!
Gasp! Don't Shoot Me. I'm the Galactic Fairy!!!
Yay!!! Macross Quarter to the rescue!
Yay!!! Macross Quarter to the rescue!
Whoa...tentacled Grace is creepy!
Whoa...tentacled Grace is creepy!

Initial thoughts…

And here endeth the 25th Anniversary Series of the Macross franchise with the Ep.25 finale of Macross Frontier (マクロスF (フロンティア) airing on the 25th of Sept.  How wicked was that?  Kawamori-san, I salute your awesomeness and yes, you won big didn’t you when you and team decided to trounce the hopes of MF LT shippers with your super move…by not giving them one.  Oh my, how I laugh and nearly fell off my chair?!  You know what, that was absolutely brilliant and in regards to the LT, I certainly didn’t mind one bit that it ended inconclusively. Looking back, I think there were many subtle hints that viewers may have missed during the course of the series that would have pointed to the eventual non-resolution of the LT.  But having said that, did anyone overlook the announcement at the end of the credits?  It looks like the theatrical (movie) version of the series has been confirmed.  You can read more about it here.  YAK DECULTURE!!!

*Bleep* I’m raging hard against my poor broadband connection which has prevented me from continuing with my post on this episode.  In fact, I can’t upload images or clips to my usual sites…arrrghhh…of all the times, this has to happen now, spoiling my train of thought in the process  Ok, done with the little rant. On with the rest of my thoughts on “Anata no Oto”.

Final thoughts…

Hime, we're bringing your baby to ya!
Hime, we're bringing your baby to ya!
Lol...Hime is happy to see his true love again!
Oh the joy!...Hime is happy to see his true love again! (LOL)

On the surface, I rated this episode an 8 (out of 10) based on the sheer entertainment value it provides.  The blistering pace filled with non-stop mecha action sequences, breathtaking CGI and the intertwining medley of songs made it a viscerally attractive episode.  The frenzied pace certainly keeps the brain busy processing all that the eyes could absorb, so much so the initial sensory overload overwhelms the tale the episode is trying to tell.  But once all that is put aside, the episode’s shortcomings came to light.  I supposed it is asking too much to have all the plot points resolved satisfactorily in a 25 mins slot.  Hence, the episode did end up looking rush in parts…some might even say it’s disjointed.  The one good example is the Ranka monologue explaining why the Vajra behave they way they do but they did not show how Ranka came to that knowledge.  It just seems a little sudden to me.  I guess, there were just too many sub-elements in the build-up and in the end, not everything is answered clearly or is left out in the open.

In spite of it being somewhat of a frantic episode, it still provides plenty of truly great moments.  Grace getting the comeuppance she deserved and Leon getting arrested (getting squash by a vajra is what I’d hoped for him but alas…) are among the highlights.  The tribute to Michel with Alto sniping away at Grace was an extremely nice touch especially since Michel was my favourite supporting character.  It was sore not to have him in the thick of the actions.  One of my favourite scenes is the Brera and Alto combo attack which I thought was awesome.  So was the dynamite Macross Attack.  And yeah, the ‘spot how many songs can you catch in the medley’ was interesting as well.  And then we have the final scene where the triangle ends with ‘Triangler’.  In conclusion, it could have been an outstanding 10/10 if they had an even plot pacing but despite the obvious flaws, I still enjoy the ride and it is still a great finale.  Sad that it ends but looking forward to the movie.

Ending sequence…

3 thoughts on “Macross Frontier Ep.25 (End): Anata no Oto

  1. VF-25 Messiah

    Thinking about it, it wouldn’t surprise me if the LT of this “super galactic love story” was meant to be resolved originally by this episode, but they possibly edited it out once the Movie was greenlighted for production. While I in the long run want a resolution for the LT, this ending of the TV-series gave me other things that were much higher up on my wishlist. I have to admit I also kinda enjoy the fact that we didn’t get that LT resolution right now, not least because of all the atomic rage its producing elsewhere 😉 Some have even sworn off all things Frontier, some saying that’ll have lost interest in the LT by the time the movie will be out. My only thoughts to this is basicly “good riddance”. Now here’s hoping we get a stellar movie, satelight with a movie budget at least promises that it’ll look great 🙂


  2. @ VF-25 Messiah, I was thinking along the same lines too i.e. building the expectations of the LT angle being clarified in the movie version to keep old & new fans interested. Smart move indeed. 🙂


  3. VF-25 Messiah

    Very awesome finale. Enjoyed every minute of it. Also I’d say the love triangle being resolved in the upcoming movie has fairly high chance. It’s one of the selling points for Frontier, so keeping it unresolved for the movie makes sense 😉


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