CD Single: Uverworld’s Koishikute

CD Single: Koishikute
Artist: Uverworld
Date Released: 10-Sept-2008

01 恋いしくて
02 志-kokorozashi-
03 over the stoic

Up till now, Uverworld has been coming out with some stellar tracks and most of the ones I like are their uptempo numbers. Koishikute is a slower number and it’s not my favourite track from them.  I’m just not used to hearing them doing ballads.   The 2nd track on the single is also a slow tempo number, much the same vain as Koishikute and the third track is an instrumental rock number which oddly enough turns out to be my favourite from this particular single.  I’m looking forward to their contribution for the next Gundam 00 (2nd Season) OST.  Judging from the short preview of the new song for Gundam 00 S2, I’m liking the beat.

Support the originals. Buy the CD here:cdjapan

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