D.Gray-man Chapters 172 & 173: Who the heck is G?

DGM Chapters 172 & 173 are out recently and I’ve decided to cover them in one summary.  This time our lovable exorcists are off on a mission in Paris.  It’s nice to see Kanda and Allen out on the field together.  This is the second time they are both on a field mission since the one in London.  They just get along so well with each other…not (lol).  Link and Noise Marie are on the same trip as well.  Apparently, they’re all in Paris looking for a group of missing finders who were investigating a string of mysterious happenings in the city.  Allen and his group found the Finders lock-up in the holding cell at a Paris Police Station.  The reason is because they were all wrongly apprehended as suspects of a string of thefts committed under the guise of the mysterious phantom G.  The Finders suspected that the thefts might have been the work of a loose innocence.  Each time before a theft occurs, the phantom will send a notice to the authorities a day before a crime is committed.  They noted that the phantom wears an outrageous costume and has no physical form. This information puzzled our team of exorcists and they are determined to find out what or who is behind the thefts.  I like the part where Kanda ran into the Inspector’s daughter at the Police station where she was immediately smitten with his pretty looks…lol.  Kanda being the guy that he is though remained as aloof as ever.

Allen and the team decided to stake out the Louvre Museum and wait for the G Phantom to strike.  Whilst lying in wait, Allen recalls the words of his Master, Cross Marian, echoing in his mind.  Cross had left a message asking if Allen liked Tim and that he has always meant to leave Tim with him.  Allen then spoke aloud to Tim, telling Tim that it can do what it likes and that it doesn’t have to listen to him knowing that he’s carrying the 14th’s will.  Allen tells Tim that it can make it’s own path now, to walk on it’s own and not follow Mana’s path.  In actual fact Allen is speaking more or less to himself, reminding himself that his path isn’t set for him but that he will be the one to create his own path.  He appears to be reassuring himself in making his own choices and not allowing anyone else to do it for him.  I thought that was a touching moment for him to come to a certain realization and showing a grim determination to move forward regardless of the situation that he’s in.  He has certainly became a more mature young man as the story progresses.

Back to the stake out, the G Phantom finally made its appearance at the scene with a stolen crown as its prize.  Kanda sprang into action by cornering and then capturing the thief.  The hapless Police team shows up at the scene but just when they thought they got the right guy, it turn out to be one of G’s victim in disguise.  Another thief appears on the scene and Allen was on hand to whack the 2nd G phantom who has the real crown in its possession.  The suspected phantom then threw the crown into the air prompting Allen to jump and try to get hold of the precious property.  While this was going on, something flashes through Link and he started acting all weird.  I’m guessing that’s the power of the G Phantom and Link is probably possessed and is now a victim as well surprising Allen in the process.  The possessed Link looked really funny sticking his tongue out at Allen, somewhat taunting him.  I supposed Kanda will probably give Link a good whacking in the next chapter.  All in all, these chapters have been rather an amusing read with some focus on Allen’s character development and the exorcists working together in tandem.  What or who the heck is G and if it’s a type of innocence, how did it transmit its power from one person to the next?  Next chapter please.

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