Vampire Knight Chapter 43: Vampire Night

It has been a long wait but the latest Vampire Knight’s chapter i.e Ch.43 is finally out.  This is the first time I’m actually reviewing and blogging any VK manga chapters even though I have been following the manga for quite a while now. As the Rido arc is drawing to close, I suppose the plot will get quite intense and I wanted to give my impressions on the outcome of this arc before it leads to the final part of entire VK saga.  I chose to post the above image because I think it ominously foreshadows how things are going to be between Yuki and Zero.  However, I won’t expound my opinions on  that particular angle just yet.

My expectations of this chapter were rather spot on.  I’d assumed that we’ll be shown of Kaname’s confrontation with the Vampire Council and Asato Ichijou, head of the council.  I’d also expected Takuma to show up either to defend his grandfather or to show his loyalty to Kaname.  I wasn’t far off the points on the latter (Takuma turning on his gramps) but what amazed me was how quickly Kaname disposed off the council.  He finally display his true pureblood powers and was obviously ruthless about it.  The council members don’t even have a chance to fight back. Once he made up his mind, he did his deed without the slightest trace of remorse.   It seems that there’s a deeper back story to how the whole mess of the conflict and power struggle within the Vampire community came about.  What was the major reason why Kaname was awaken and what are his plans after disposing the nobles of the council?  I can only guess that this will be explored in the 2nd part of the VK saga because up till now, we weren’t exactly privy to Kaname’s back story as the major focus of the 1st part is on Zero’s character development.

Speaking of Zero, he too shows off an impressive display of his newly acquired powers.  The Bloody Rose transformed into a formidable weapon that is somehow infused with his blood and rose vines sprung out of it.  Just as Artemis is meant for Yuki, the Bloody Rose definitely chose Zero as it’s rightful master.  The showdown between Zero, Yuki and Rido is somewhat disappointing.  Rido didn’t exactly give much of a fight as he wallowed in nostalgia of his unrequited love for Juuri (Yuki’s mom) by shadowing Yuki with his despairing words.  He could have been more formidable if he had more focus in the fight but instead he became an easy target for Zero to kill off.  I guess Yuki being there is a blessing in disguise because she acts as a distraction for Rido.

The one thing Rido successfully managed to do to Zero before disintegrating into pieces (and it’s the most critical part of this chapter), is to inflame him with even more hatred towards the purebloods.  What Rido said to Zero is very telling.  The fact that from the very beginning, Zero was being manipulated and used by the purebloods, has turn him into one tormented soul vent on destroying the source of his sufferings.  All this resulted in his stand-off with Yuki.  By turning his anger towards Yuki, I suspect that he intends for her to end his life or draws Kaname’s attention to kill him.  I doubt that he really wants to hurt Yuki because he’s made it clear that it wasn’t Yuki’s fault and obviously, deep inside he still cares for her although he now sees her differently.  I think that Yuki will probably delve deeper into her feelings and wanting to find out more about her past that is connected to the current chain of events.  Her uttering the words ‘I can’t die…just yet’ points to this possibility.

The Rido tale may have ended but I am curious as to the other showdown which hasn’t been shown yet and that’s the one involving the School’s chairmain, Yagari and the Hunter’s Association.  I’m quite surprise that some people actually forget that there’s a another interesting conflict that’s yet to be resolved and deemed the school part of the story closed.  I don’t think Hino-sensei will just simply drop this part because Rido’s dead.  There’s a deep connection between what’s going on at the Hunter’s Association and the conflict that’s occurring within the Vampire community.  I kept remembering what Zero saw back in the archives of the Association’s library and it has something to do with the root of what is happening at present.  Again, If I’m not wrong I think Hino-sensei will attempt to delve into the past in the final part of the VK saga.  The forthcoming chapter will probably tell us what’s become of Chairman Cross and Yagari as well as Takuma.  Looking forward to more VK drama. 🙂

**Chapter scanlations courtesy of the ever wonderful SGK.

2 thoughts on “Vampire Knight Chapter 43: Vampire Night

  1. @nssphoenix, I agree that VK manga is quite addicting. 🙂 I’m always anticipating the next chapter. Season 2 of the anime version is due to broadcast in Oct too. Looking forward to see that one.


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