CD Single: Suga Shikao’s Kono Yubi Tomare

CD Single: Kono Yubi Tomare
Artist: Suga Shikao
Released Date: 3-Sep-2008

01. コノユビトマレ (Kono Yubi Tomare)
02. アメリカのロックスター (America no Rock Star)
03. 楽園 (Rakuen)
04. 夏陰 (Natsu Kage) (Original ver.)

I have been a fan of Suga Shikao’s music since coming across the songs he contributed to the Honey & Clover OST.  I just got round to listening to Suga’s newest CD single ‘Kono Yubi Tomare’.  The main single is rather fun, catchy and funky, something Suga is quite good at producing.  It’s got this eighties sort of disco vibe with the heavy bass at the beginning. Definitely a track I’ll keep spinning on my music playlist. Track 2 and 4 are slower pop ballads whereas track 3 has the sort of bluesy feel which is quickly becoming a favourite track on my playlist.

Support the originals. Buy the CD here: cdjapan

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