Macross Frontier Ep.22: Northern Cross

As expected, this week we have a somewhat Sheryl centric episode and loads of AltoxSheryl moments to boot.  But more importantly, we’re getting back to the main plot.  Both Luca and Alto were seen to be leading the NUNS pilots, disposing the few remaining red lobsters in space.  Horrible hair Leon is sworn in as the new Frontier President.  We see Ranka’s former manager, Elmo now managing Sheryl who got back to stage & sang for charity.  We got a new song from her as well.  It’s not bad but I still prefer Azure Ether.

Luca discovered that Sheryl seems to be emitting low fold waves from her singing.  Then he and Leon tries to recruit her to sing for the well being of Frontier during their time of suffering…lol.  And that’s after disclosing the full blown effect of the V-type virus infection which Sheryl is afflicted with.  Alto, who is clueless about Sheryl’s illness finally got wind of it from Klan. Cue, lots of dramatic exchanges between Sheryl and Alto at the Saotome residence. It seems these two are already a couple and so that settles the triangle bit of the equation.  I am immune to any other surprises the writers might pull here in regards to the LT.  It’s quite dead really.

We now move along to the big plot.  I’m so glad my favourite couple Ozma and Cathy are alright.  Love the scene where Bobby found them amidst the smouldering rubble.  Ozma is great in this episode.  He’s now aware of Ranka’s departure and begin the understand the reason she left (he got her letter of course).  The SMS MQ crew are then informed of Leon’s foul play in the assassination of Cathy’s dad.  Lo and behold, Captain Wilder and the gang decided to part ways and leave Frontier after disclosing that SMS is going to be part of NUNS.  Heck, nothing good will befall them with Mr. Mushroom Head being president. That idiot even tried to take out super dimension Grace.  Bet he’s going to be in deep shit for trying to cross Grace who by the way, dealt with Leon’s cronies rather efficiently.

With MQ’s apparent defection, Leon ordered his team to stop them from leaving.  It’s rather obvious that hatred has gotten over their heads because both Alto and Luca disapproved of MQ going rogue and decided to take on Frontier’s side.  Skirmish between Ozma and Alto ensues in space.  In the midst of their dog fights, Ozma told Alto that he and the rest of the SMS crew are going to where Ranka is.  He once again questioned where Alto’s path lies before disabling Alto’s craft and folding away with the rest of the MQ.  Alto is left to rue his misfortune.  Yup, Ozma’s the man and he really is in his element here.

Grace and her boobies
Super Dimension Grace doing her thing...

On the other side of the Universe, we see Ranka floating in space with Ai-Kun and Brera playing Aimo on his harmonica.  I like that piece of harmonica music. Made a clip of it too.

Aimo-Harmonica version

After that little space break, the threesome continue on their journey and it appears that they found the planet they are looking for.  Grace and her voices are thrilled with the discovery although I am not quite sure why she had to grab her boobies while expressing her joy…lol. We’ll have to wait till next week to see what happens then.  It looks like Ranka’s finally regaining her memories. Gets more and more exciting now and it’s hard to wait a week for another dose of MF space drama.  I guess I’ll just have to calm myself by listening to Natsu Yuuzora whilst waiting.

2 thoughts on “Macross Frontier Ep.22: Northern Cross

  1. oiiiiiiiiiiiii minha genti tudo bem com voces espero que sim eu adoro essi saiti so anime season é muito legal dimais nossa eu sou fã de anime season todo mundo tb podi ser fã do anime season é muito irado nossa……valeuuuu assinado;marina fofa…… grande;beijoss pra todos voces aiiii..


  2. Ethereal

    I know I’ve been feeling something wrong with how Alto was acting towards Sheryl until Ozma came out and SAID IT. He truly said exactly what I’VE been wanting to ask Alto. “What the hell is your problem?? What are you doing?? I choose to follow Ranka. And you?” Alto looks so uncool here. I don’t think he even loves Sheryl until Klan told him Sheryl’s going to die.

    Hats off to Ozma. Hats off. >( You’re really the man.


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