D.Gray-man Chapter 171: What Lies Hidden

I had wanted to do a 2 chapter review of DGM but decided against it when I saw Ch. 171 cover spread in colour.  Love the artwork.  Krory, Lenalee, Allen, Kanda and Lavi all look so awesome.

Anyway, on to the chapter itself.  Poor Timcanpy keeps going back to Cross’s room and sniffing up the place.  Allen met Rouvellier in the same room whilst looking for Tim.  He was surprised to see Rouvellier there and asked what he was doing in a place like that.  Rouvellier instead responded that the room is supposedly off limits.  Allen then said that ever since the day Cross disappeared, Tim has been constantly returning to the room, trying to search for his presence (more like trying to sniff him out…lol).  Poor Tim is missing Cross who is its creator after all.

We then switch to the Science Department where Reever seems to be having a hard time dealing with the various section heads who had transferred from Central.  One of them even try to make a pass at Lenalee who was doing her usual rounds, serving coffee to the overworked staff.  Meanwhile at the Order’s Cafeteria, Lavi and Bookman sat in a corner having a quiet discussion.  Lavi was curious about why Cross hasn’t been seen ever since the interrogation night.  He feels something isn’t quite right when people at the Order still thinks he’s at Central. Lavi asked Bookman if he knows of Cross’s whereabout.  He thought that Bookman acted strangely nervous when Cross mentioned that there’s more to the war than it seems and wants Bookman to tell him what was it that he realized about Cross’s statement.  Bookman revealed that Cross will not be returning to the Order, assuming that he managed to escape and is still alive.  A shocked Lavi then asked who was Cross escaping from and before he could question any further, Bookman calmly cuts him off and said that both of them might be in danger because they were witness to the revelations about Allen on that night, 10 days ago.

Somewhere down in the bowels of the Order, Hevlaska is seen to be testing ‘Judgement’ and she proclaimed that Cross Marian is no longer the host for the innocence just as Komui had suspected.  Komui and the other Generals were there to investigate his findings.  It seems that the Generals weren’t quite sure what happened to Cross on that night and could not fathomed whether he’s dead or still alive.  Komui however confirms the blood at the scene belongs to Cross and that his mask has been pierced on the right side with a bullet.  He is doubtful that Cross could survived such a wound. The lack of a body caused the Generals to question if he somehow managed to made a run for it or if some one else had secretly removed his body.  As if to answer everyone’s else thoughts, General Tiedoll’s wondered aloud if the attacker is an agent sent by Central. Komui then recalls in flashback about when Rouvellier had call him to the scene to investigate the situation that day.  He has wondered what the heck happened at the time and Allen had found him there when he was searching for Tim.  He recalled how shock Allen’s face was when he saw the scene at his Master’s room.  He had then asked Komui if that was blood and whose was it.  Poor Allen!

Back to the present time in the same room, Allen calls for Tim to go back with him.  Rouvellier asked if Allen wants to have some cake that he baked to which Allen declined.  As if to test Allen, Rouvellier suddenly called out Allen’s name and asked if he, the 14th had killed Cross Marian.  Allen in anger, answered back that maybe Rouvellier was the one who killed him, slammed the door as he walked off.  Link, who was accompanying Allen, remained in the room and looked at Rouvellier questioningly.  Rouvellier responded that it wasn’t him who did the deed but he suspected that this was the work of Central and he wasn’t informed of it.  Rouvellier told Link that he will be going to Central to find out what is going on. He then got a call about something to do with the egg fragments.

Definitely a worthwhile chapter and I am glad I didn ‘t hold back on this one because it is filled with more mystery surrounding Cross’s alleged disappearance.   We get to see how Allen found out about his Master’s death and how quietly troubled he was.  It is implied that Central sent an agent to assassinate Cross as the Generals and Komui too had suspected this to be the case.  It’s good that we get to see the other Generals’ reactions relating to situation and I get the feeling that they are still very much on Cross’s side.  I’m glad Bookman and Lavi had their little chat as I was expecting Lavi’s increasing uneased about recent events will push him to want to know more from Bookman.  Bookman’s reveal has indeed surprised Lavi.  I am thinking that they are now treading on dangerous waters but knowing Lavi, he will not easily abandon Allen to the mercy of those who are out to find fault with him.  The part that got to me was that even Rouvellier was in the dark about Central’s motives.  This makes the whole plot even more interesting.  Reading this chapter makes me think that there’s a possible third side to the war and if Cross did survived that brutal attack (which I highly doubt he did…but then you never know *wink*)…that’s where he’ll be and so is Bookman, perhaps even the 14th.

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