CD Single: Kousuke Atari’s Kizuna (Natsume Yuujinchou’s ED)


CD Single: Kizuna
Artist: Kousuke Atari
Released Date: 3-Sept-2008

01. Kizuna
02. Natsu Yuuzora
03. Sansara
04. Watashi no Sora

Kizuna is the latest CD single from Kousuke Atari and I LOVE IT! The man can really sing and Kizuna has such lovely ballads to begin with. But the one track that truly draws me to this single is Natsu Yuuzora.  Wah, I can tell you I’ve been waiting a long time for Natsume Yuujinchou’s ED song to be released.  I’m soooo happy it’s finally out and that I got my hands on it.

Natsu Yuuzora (Summer Evening Sky) is such a beautiful song that’s sung in a folksy vocal style by Kousuke. The full track should be on your MUST listen list.  It’s got a lovely laid back melody with acoustic guitar and light percussion arrangements.  It’s definitely one of the best ED songs that’s come out this year and my top favourite too. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it on the very first episode of Natsume Yuujinchou. It’s a perfect ED for the series with its gentle nature and theme.

I’m still in the process of uploading Natsu Yuuzora to my Imeem account. Hopefully I’ll get it up there soon cos right now it’s a drag with the broadband service being utterly crappy and sucky.

Support the originals. Buy the CD


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