CD Single: AAA’s Music (Incl. World Destruction OP)

AAA's Music CD Single

AAA's Music!!! CD Single

CD Single: Music!!!
Artist: AAA
Released Date: 27-Aug-2008

Music!!! is the most recent CD Single released by J-pop Group AAA.  There are 5 tracks on the CD single, 2 of which are instrumental versions of the first two tracks.  Track #1 “Music!!!” is your typical boy-band’ish type of pop song and whilst some might find it cutesy, it’s not exactly my cup of tea.  Track#3 “Crash” is in a similar vain but with a rockier sound.  Of the lot, “Zero” is the stand out track which sounds edgier and punchier.  It’s definitely different from the other two tracks.  The song is also used as the OP to World Destruction aka “Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin”.

01. Music!!!
02. Zero
03. Crash ~ Extended Version
04. Music!!! (Instrumental)
05. Zero (Instrumental)

Support the originals. Buy the CD here: cdjapan

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