D.Gray-man Chapter 170: 10 Days Later…

10 Days Later..
DGM Ch.170: 10 Days Later..

DGM’s latest chapter is basically a continuation of the previous chapter.  The exorcists are own their way back to the Order’s HQ after completing their mission.  The gateway back is through a church.  We get to see some comic relief from Miranda who has return to her usual nervy self, upsetting Kanda in the process and making her even more jumpy. Kanda’s mood swings continues.  This caused Allen to say that maybe he’s the one that seems to get on everyone’s nerves lately and triggers Allen to recall the announcement 10 days before by Rouvellier to the members of the Order and the rest of the Exorcists, regarding Allen being the host to the 14th.  Komui had at the time issued a standing order to the members that should the 14th threaten to destroy the Order, he (Allen) should be killed.  Miranda sensing the tense atmosphere that’s enveloping Allen, tries her best to cheer him up.

Upon arriving back at the Order, the exorcists met with some new arrivals of scientists from the different branches to be stationed at the HQ to do research on the Ark.  It appears that Komui now has a female secretary to keep him from being messy…lol.

Meanwhile, Rouvellier still hasn’t figured out what happened to Cross.  Both Allen and Tim too is concerned with Cross disappearance.  Apparently, Allen hasn’t a clue that Cross was shot and it seems that the Order did not disclosed the actual incident to him.  Tim keeps going back to the room where Cross stayed and Allen was searching for the golem when he ran into Rouvellier who was in Cross’ room.  What will happen with the chance encounter?  Well, we’ll find out next chapter I supposed.

Not very much seems to be going again here but at least we get a glimpse or two of what Allen’s thoughts are.  I think what is noted is that everyone is in a tense and weary mood after the announcement.  Poor Allen having to shoulder all that load of doubts and suspicions by himself , at the same time worrying about Cross.  Will he find out what actually happens to his Master?  I hope he does.

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