D.Gray-man Chapter 169: There was a Silence

Ok. I’m little late with DGM’s manga update but nevertheless I haven’t forgotten it at all. After the suspenseful revelations and heighten drama of the last two DGM chapters, we are somewhat being brought back down to earth in Ch.169. We weren’t let into any further details regarding Cross death. Instead, the mangaka decided to leave his death a mystery.

The first few panels were a continuation of Ch.168 where we see the guards waking up from their unplanned stupor and entering Cross room only to see an unbelievable scene. Guards panic and one of them goes to get help and the other goes back into the room but to his surprise, Cross slumping body disappears from sight. What’s left on the bloody scene is Cross mask and his gun Judgement.  Naturally, there is a lot of speculation among DGM’s fans that Cross might not be dead, that he may be alive. I doubt it because of the statement that it was ‘the last any one saw of Cross Marian’ but then again, who knows if Hoshino might surprise everyone in future.

There was definitely silence after the incident as we time skipped 10 days later and saw that the exorcists are back on routine mission of searching for innocence and pawning akumas. Kanda got his hawt mugen back in action, along with Allen, Miranda, Link and Chaoji’s two buddies, both now apparently working for the  Order. There were all at an undisclosed location in London, attempting to retrieve an innocence which is in the form of a ring. And they accomplished their mission quite successfully. Nothing much seems to be afoot except one noteworthy thing, Allen does look a little moody in this chapter. I had hope to see his reaction to Cross death a bit more in this chapter but it certainly didn’t materialized. So, all in all, it’s kind of a downer.

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