Macross Frontier Ep 20: Diamond Crevasse

Farewell Michel Blanc *Sob*

I’d completed reading ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ by Ken Follet last night whilst eagerly anticipating the raws for Macross Frontier’s latest episode.  I must add that the book is an awesome testimony to the art of story telling packed with lots of dramatic intrigue but nothing beats watching the latest episode of Macross Frontier titled Diamond Crevasse.  Bitch-slap and all, the series is really turning up the heat and firing on all cylinders heading towards the climax.

Ep 20 turns out to be epic in dramatic proportions and goes to re-affirm why I love this series so much.  It was the first time I shed tears watching the show…how could I not sob seeing one of my favourite characters from the main group die?  Even if I had anticipated Michel’s death after all the foreshadowing in the previous episode, it was just so unbelievable to see it happening, especially the way the scenes leading to that heart wrenching moments enfold.  He did his deed protecting and saving his beloved Klan to the end and died an honourable death.  Poor Klan, having to witness such a harrowing scene and feeling powerless at the same time.  *Sobs*  Sayonara Michel Blanc, you and your sniping abilities shall be missed! SMS will be so different without you.

Diamond Crevasse has never sounded so emotionally powerful as it did in those few final scenes and May’n captures the essence of the song so beautifully as Sheryl.  On another note, the all round animation is fab as well.  Kudos to Kawamori for pulling off such a brilliant story.

In tribute to Michel Blanc and all those who perished in this episode, click here to listen to Diamond Crevasse:
Diamond Crevasse by MayN

3 thoughts on “Macross Frontier Ep 20: Diamond Crevasse

  1. @ witty
    Ya, I know some people speculate that Michel may still be alive but I highly doubt it. Imo, it’s better for the story that he’s really dead so that it’ll be more poignant.


  2. salutes.

    all flags will fly at half mast starting tomorrow and a full military funeral will be given.

    i will rewatch episode 19 again now as i wait for my episode 20 to finish downloading.


  3. I totally cried for Michel. I loved him. He was great and he was very much needed to pull the story forward.

    Some people are saying that Michel may still be alive since he is a Zentran mix who can survive in space for short while and Burera is out fighting Bajura so he could find Michel. I don’t know. But I wouldn’t be mad at him if he was in fact still alive!


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