D.Gray-man Chapter 168: Crossroads

It’s a sad, sad end to the week in the DGM world for me. Waaaa….I’m still in a WTF mode!!!!

Hoshino Katsura did it again. This time he really delivered a big blow to my emotionally susceptible heart and got me all screwed up. I thought I survived the previous chapter rather well only to be floored again two weeks later with a mega wtf upsetting cliff-hanger. My head is still spinning after this week’s chapter released.

Why Oh Why does it have to be Cross? There goes my favourite General. How the heck is The Order going to cope without him and more importantly, what’s going to happen to Allen now? I know I should expect something dramatically tragic to happen after all the foreboding at the beginning of Ch. 165 but I never suspect that it’ll lead to such an riveting twist of an ending…meaning, I don’t expect death of an important character to happen so soon after the revelations.

Cross is a major figure despite the fact that he does not appear in every chapter of DGM. He’s crucial to the plot developments and was the hero of the hour during the manga’s Edo arc and the HQ under Attack arc. Who else could pawned Tyki Mykk so devastatingly and defeat a 4th level akuma like him? If I were to suspect any foul play in his untimely death, then it must be someone he is familiar with, either from within The Order or maybe an acquaintance from outside. The way the panel scene is presented points towards this direction. Furthermore, Cross is privy to information about Allen’s connection to the 14th and the Earl’s history. There seems to be more to him than meets the eye. He possessed a mysterious air which makes him one heck of an interesting character. How will his death affect Allen who’s been knocked to the ground so much recently? He has now lost his Master. More questions than answers arose from this chapter.

Hoshino-san is really brave to kill him off like that. To me, Cross Marian is the coolest character in the DGM. Allen’s journey from here on without Cross watching over him is going to be a very bleak one indeed. No one could take his place in DGM and I’m going to miss him buckets. RIP General Cross Marian. Sobs!

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