愛・おぼえていますか (Ai, Oboete imasu ka)

This is so random. I guess it’s because the weather outside is blazing hot and humid with a slight haze. The sky is so blue and the clouds are scattered. Perfect for random thoughts.

Do you remember love? I have difficulty getting this pretty theme out of my head ever since I committed the random act to pick and watch Macross Frontier for no apparent reason. Note that I am emphasizing on the random factor again. Can’t be helped now because I’m being pulled-in at warp speed into a space fold to an unknown galaxy far far away and that’s rather exciting. I always loved the idea of intergalactic space travel and exploration. I got to do that through all those space movies and anime series. So what it is about Macross Frontier that I wanted say?

Let’s see. Since it is all random, I didn’t have any sort of expectation for the all new series. Although I remember vaguely watching the original Macross series during my childhood years. I’d forgotten what the actual story was about. The only stuff I can recall from a visual standpoint was ‘the plane that transformed into a space robot thingy’. Yup, that was how I put it at the time, lol.

I only learned that Macross F is the direct sequel to the original series after watching the first episode. It is released to mark the 25th anniversary of the hugely successful Macross franchise. Loved it instantly at first view. The animation and cgi graphics integration are top notch quality, the production is great and then of course, the introduction of all new lead characters which are crucial to the theme of the series; a love story set amidst the turmoil of a looming war taking place in space on a distant galaxy and how music comes to play an important part in said crisis. Huh, music? Honestly I’d forgotten the music aspect of the original series. After doing a bit of research, I found that music is used as an instrument of war and why there was always a lead character who’s a singing idol (and no, it’s not American Idol).

The first few episodes were basically set up to introduce the primary lead characters and showcases the visually impressive humongous Frontier fleet mothership plus the whoa-inducing super duper cool VFs (yup, that’s the jets that can transformed into mecha robots). Oops, mustn’t forget the all new hideous praying mantis (or grasshopper…can’t make up my mind yet) type mecha alien menace that pops-up to cause major chaos & destruction, slaying the populace of the space colonists with impunity. Well, we can’t do without our space alien enemies now, do we? The alien monsters have a name…they’re known as Vajra and they don’t die easily, which is fine by me. This will give the heroes some good workout in space battles… provided the heroes don’t end up getting killed first.

What of the 3 main leads that will accommodate us with the premise of a triangle love relationship in the making? The male lead is a young pilot trainee named Saotome Alto, with a very bishie look (bishie translate to pretty boy), so bishie that he could almost past as a girl…come on, with those long flowing purplish tresses and pretty face, no wonder he’s the butt of jokes for his fellow trainees who frequently addressed him as Alto Hime-sama (that’s Princess Alto). Hime-sama also happens to be a former kabuki actor.

The first of the two female leads is Sheryl Nome, an ultra sexy galactic pop idol with flowing pink mane, also known as the Galactic Fairy. Essentially, an established young pop diva who travels across the colonial fleets and sings to the teen populace and gives them some eye candy to drool over. She comes into the equation as one of the two supposed love interests to Alto. Sheryl first met Alto when he rescued her during a Vajra attack on the Frontier city whilst she was giving her first concert performance there.

The second female lead is Ranka Lee, a small naive green-haired girl who’s the adopted younger sister of an ace fighter pilot of the SMS (a private military company). She’s a student in a private school and works as a part-time waitress at a Chinese restaurant named Nyan-Nyan (lol). She’s also a big fan of Sheryl Nome and wants to emulate her pop-idol by becoming a singer. Ranka got acquainted with Alto when she got lost trying to get to Sheryl’s concert and Alto helped her find her way there. She has this awesomely cute blubphone. I want one! Lol.

At this point, the more believable romantic pairing will be between Alto and the much more mature (not to mention well-endowed) Sheryl. Ranka’s appearance on the other hand, comes across looking more like a 16 year-old trapped in a 12 year-old girl’s body. I can’t see how a bubbly cheerful childish looking girl could become a potential love interest for the male lead. Unless it is only to portray usual unrequited love angle…that means, Ranka’s role is basically that of a little girl possibly set-up to be infatuated with the male lead, one that will get in the way of actual love pairing between Alto and Sheryl. Alto, I think, will become someone who projects more of a brotherly kind of love to Ranka than any romantic inclination. Anyway, I have the feeling it’s kind of a given that this will be the case from the 6 episodes I’d watched. I don’t think the writers will change the theme that pervades the previous Macross series. With bits of plot twist here and there, it has been like that for all the previous series in the Macross franchise. For some reason, the third party involved in a triangular romantic tussle always has the appearance of 12-year girl. Weird lolita complex there! What’s up with the writers/animators anyway? Poor Ranka. She has already lost the battle long before it began. Lol. Seriously, I adored her character more than the others.

I feel the relationship aspect will eventually take a back seat to the unraveling mystery as to why the Vajra seems to come out of no where in space and starts attacking everything in sight. But of course, that means more Macross battleship cruisers and VFs in action…whoopee. I love how the flight and battle-action sequence came across…more of that is very welcome. I’m looking forward to more development of the story arc particularly that of which involves Ranka (aside from the predictable failed romantic one, bah) as she seems to be central to an ensuing mystery that includes the reactions of the Vajra towards her singing and with the introduction of the mysterious Brera Stern in her social sphere. Could it be that she’s a singing weapon, one that the unknown force behind the Vajra attack, is after? What of Sheryl’s heirloom earrings? Something’s seriously going on with that pair of earrings as well.

Right, check out the awesomeness that’s in MF Episode 7: First Attack

Online Videos by Veoh.com

See how I’ve been drag into another space adventure with this series? Having said that, I still need one more random series to keep me entertain whilst I’m in my hibernation period.

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