Anime updates: April 30, 2008

Whoosh . Time flew and I can hardly catch my breathe. Another week gone and I’m really blazing through the anime series. I haven’t added any new series to the ones I’m currently watching…oops, I forgot that I added one more i.e. Junjo Romantica.

Currently watching:
D. Gray-man : Episode 81* latest
Monochrome Factor: Episode 4 *latest
Vampire Knight: Episode 4 *latest
Kyou Kara Maoh Season 3: Episode 82 *latest
Junjo Romantica: Episode 3 *latest
Darker Than Black: Episode 24 (I’m reaching the end of the series)

Yet to watch:


Junjo Romantica:
I never thought I’d add another new series to the mix but ah…it was sort of recommended. Anyway, I didn’t really like the title so I never bothered with it in the first place. I was thinking ‘Oh no!, not a another Paradise Kiss’ (I hated that series). Still, I ended up watching the first 3 episodes that have been aired. It’s the first time I’ve watch anything with a yaoi content. Granted, there are very subtle hints of BL in Kyou Kara Maoh but heck it’s nothing compared to Junjo Romantica. It’s not really my type of show which is why it surprises me much. I’m just not use to seeing something so openly yaoi in an anime series. Perhaps it’s because I’m such a newbie. One thing that I can be sure of is that Junjo will never make it to Astro’s Animax channel. I will be flipping stunt if they did…lol. So, if anyone wants to watch the series…do so over the internet.

Vampire Knight:
Have I said that I like Vampire Knight before? Well, it sold me and I love the episodes that was aired so far. I know that I’d mentioned about doing an episodic blogging of the series. Hah, I haven’t find the time to do it yet. After just 3 episodes, I wanted to get a better grasp of the story and the best way to do that is to read the manga. I’ve been catching up with the manga version which is released up to Chapter 39 so far. I have to say that the production studio for the anime series did a good job of staying close to the manga storyline although there is some slight deviation, especially in Episode 3. The deviation actually enhanced the tension and mood of the story so it wasn’t in anyway distracting.

After watching both anime & manga, my favourite character of the lot is still Zero Kiryuu, a young vampire hunter turned vampire who’s plaqued with a curse that he can’t be rid off except by death and yet, reluctantly has to stay alive, destined to protect the girl he loves but can’t have. It’s such a bittersweet tale which is why I’m well and truly shocked at the cliff-hanger ending of Chapter 39. Damn that Ichiru. So is Zero dead or alive? We all have to find out next week or so. Patience is such a hard virtue.

Darker than Black:
I hated it when a series I enjoyed so much is coming to an end. Darker than Black is such a series. I could have finished with it sooner but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to get to the ending so fast, didn’t want to see Hei go. I love the two opening themes that were used for the series so far. They fit in really well with the theme of the anime. I didn’t like the second ending theme they used. Tsukiakari is still the better ED. Well, I supposed the end is nigh with the last episode still remaining. I have to say farewell to Hei and team sooner or later.

D. Gray-man:
Wow! This anime series is such a blast to watch. I’m totally hooked on the get go. Despite it’s suggestively gothic gloomy feel, it turns out to be rather enjoyable. I finally caught up to the latest episode, that’s Ep. 81, having watched 80 episodes within the space of a week and a half to catch up in time. I also read the manga up to the latest volume. Now that really gives you some kind of perspective of the whole storyline and where it is going in the anime version. I have yet to be disappointed. I love both the good & bad guys characters. Maybe it’s better if I list them down.

The Good Guys:
Allen…I totally loved Allen’s reactions towards Cross, his master. So the question is, is he the 14th Noah?
Kanda…uber cool and detached appearance hides a sensitive persona. Imo, his mugen is probably the coolest innocence activated weapon.
Lavi…one of my favourite characters. He’s seems to cheer everyone up.
Lenalee…I want her dark boots.
Krory…possibly has the funniest type of innocence, I mean fangs, woot?!!!
Bookman aka panda
Komui…ah, the way Komui pines for Lenalee everytime she goes out on a mission, makes me laugh out loud.
Cross… 2nd coolest and the craziest character of the lot even though he seldom appears in the anime and the manga. I like to call him Allen’s bain. But the fact that he’s such a mystery and probably knows more about Allen’s past than he lets on makes his character all the more intriquing.

The Bad Guys:
Tyki Mykk….I think he’s the coolest of all the characters that appeared so far. This dark dude has got so much evil style you can’t help but like him. Lol.
Road…cute and scary at the same time.
Lulubell…this girl miaus.

I think that’s it for now until I decide how I want to do the VK summarization.

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