Mag Updates: AVARUS Issue 10/11

Another batch of mag snippets featuring AVARUS Oct Issue.

FLAT;Vektor2 features on the cover of the Oct issue

Ayu Says:
Hello again. Yay, I’m on a roll here with back to back mag snippets. This time, it’s a quicky update on the Oct issue of AVARUS. I will be dropping AVARUS off my sub-list after the Dec issue. Comic Gene is my chosen replacement as I like what it has been offering with even more new manga titles coming up. That said, 3 manga series will be ending their run in the November issue of AVARUS and that’s TOXIC, CODA and Hishosama Kounin!. Of the remaining titles that I still have interest in are Shiina-kun no Torikemo Hyakka, Donten ni Warau and Ilegenes ~Giyoku no Koukyoukyoku. However, I’ll be getting the tank volumes to follow-on rather than continuing with the magazine subscription. Moving on…
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Mag Updates: Avarus Issue 05/11


Another belated round-up and this time it’s from the May edition of Avarus.

The May cover spot featured the characters from Soumei Hoshino’s new manga ‘DOLCI

More snippets beyond the cut

Mag Updates: Avarus Issue 12

Sharing byte size snips from the Dec issue of Comic Blade Avarus!

The bishies from ILEGENES owned the festive Cover spot
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