07-Ghost Episode 14 – Sleeping Bishies and Smexy Back

07-Ghost Episode 14: The Reason We Fight Together…The Right To Be Called Comrades (共に戦う理由…戦友と呼ばれる資格)

Hmm, Lovely Sleeping Bishies…
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I totally approve of this bishie threesome. (^_-)

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07-Ghost Episode 13 – It’s a Junjou Romantica episode, not!

07-Ghost Episode 13: What is seen before the path of light…is a bunch of Frau’s dirty mags :lol:

These caps gave me all the wrong type of plot bunnies…so ghey! (^^;;
Lookie here, it’s Misaki and Usagi-san from Junjou Romantica. :-P
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