[Fall 2010 Anime] OP/ED Overview Part 2

Fall 2010 Anime: OP/ED Quick Impression Part II

Fall OP/ED IMJ 2

I didn’t think I’d get the chance to continue with this little review but here I am with the 2nd Part of my Autumn anime op/ed run through. Again, the selections are based on what I’ve watched and naturally, it’s not everything. Of this batch, there are some likable ones but that’s just it, really. More of the same and none too memorable except for an old Ghibli classic. I also included the new sets of op/ed from the continuing Summer anime that had premiered their new themes in Fall. Um yeah, loved Shiki’s new op/ed combo. Too bad, no Shiki episode this week. It’s back on air again next week. ;)
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Ani-Singles Jan’10 Roundup – Part 2

Music Post!

Here I go with a music spamming, roundup post featuring the recent op/ed ani-singles that were released towards the end of Jan.  I know it’s a little late in the coming because I really wanted to give the featured singles a good run through and that took a bit of time. As I mentioned before, my schedule’s rather hectic.  On top of that, this is first time I’ve covered so many releases in a single post.  But of course, I enjoy picking my way through the songs, some of which I like and some I don’t. It’s pretty much a mix bag of good and mediocre tracks. As usual, I do have a few selected favourites which I love and had been looking forward to. Those who’ve been checking out my previous music blabs can probably guess some of my favoured choices, if not all. :P
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Toradora OP2 and ED2 Singles – Silky Heart and Orange

Quick Post

Toradora Double Singles Releases: ‘Silky Heart’ and ‘Orange’.

Toradora OP2 Single: Horie Yui’s Silky Heart
‘Silky Heart’ is actually the second opening theme for Toradora sung by another singing V.A, Horie Yui. Continue reading

Clannad~After Story~ OP/ED Single: Toki wo Kizamu Uta & Torch

Ever since I saw Clannad~After Story’s opening sequence, I simply loved the beautiful visuals along with the intro song. They combined to make the whole opening scene appears and sounds magical. It’s clearly one of loveliest anime opening visuals from the Fall season. The studio finally got round to releasing the OP/ED single which I’ve been anticipating since Clannad AS has been on air. Continue reading

OP/ED Singles: Pigstar’s Shodo and Kanon Wakeshima’s Suna no Oshiro

Kanon Wakeshima’s 2nd single ‘Suna no Oshiro’ is out now. The title track is also the outro theme for Vampire Knight Guilty. Suna no Oshiro is quite similar to Still Doll in terms of having a creepy atmospheric build up at the beginning of the song which then breaks out into the dramatic chorus. I like the cello playing on the track as well. Continue reading