[Mags] Avarus and Jump SQ Issues 09

tBP Manga Digest presents:

2010 Sept Issues of AVARUS and JUMP SQ

The many awesome cover illustrations of Comic Blade Avarus

There aren’t many color pages from both manga mags this time round but we’ve got some awesome chapters particularly from Avarus. Toxic and Coda were highlights for me because once again, these recent new additions have strong chapters. Hitoshi Ichimura’s Coda was particular funny and engaging at the same time. Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to Toxic and the tantalizing 3rd Chapter didn’t disappoint as I continue to be engrossed with its characters especially the mysterious main character. Like I had mentioned in my previous post on Avarus Issue 08, Monochrome Factor gets to have its latest chapter cover in a double page colour spread plus a colour page in this issue. Chapter 55 was a rather short chapter with just 23 pages.  This chapter basically wraps up Ryouko’s back story. Guess what happens to Akira and Ryouko later? :) Scroll down to find out…xDDD

As for Jump SQ, Kurenai has a slow chapter this week. Ao no Exorcist didn’t impress all that much since it’s the beginning of a new arc and it’s mostly a build-up chapter where Rin and the gang board a train for a class trip. The three titles that interest me the most are ‘SHIKI’, ‘D.Gray-man’ and ‘Tegami Bachi’. SHIKI’s latest chapter started out in a blood splattering manner and ended with a bloody cliffie. In D.Gray-man, Kanda, Alma and Allen got into a bloody messy brawl as well with all three being terribly cut-up but wow, what an epic cliffhanger. ALLLEEEENNNN…his badly wounded body turns the colour of….waaaa….has the 14th finally appear and took control…omigosh…so anticipating the next chapter. Tegami Bachi too ends on a surprising cliffhanger. Lag saved by Gauche return home in time to have dinner Sylvette but had a sudden epiphany when he saw what exactly happened after he shot the heart bullet into Noir. Could my guess be right that Noir is now a part of Gauche? Want the next chapter now. If you don’t already know, Tegami Bachi REVERSE is airing this Fall. Whoops for joy because the ‘Reverse’ chapters are where the story really gets going with plenty of thrills and drama.

Enough of my babbling.


Vassalord getting a radio CD release. The manga is losing its thrill and I’ve been losing interest in its plot lines lately.

Moyamu Fujino’s Boukyaku no Cradle – Colour Page

Chapter 16 Cover Page – Vol. 3 of the manga is out as well

Sengaku By AKIRA – Chapter 12 Cover

Upcoming new tank volume releases in Sep

Preview of Avarus October Issue

Manga Snippets

Countdown: 7 Days – Chapter 10 [KaraKara Kemuri]
Peace Teacher Association…now that made me ‘LOL’ quite a bit.. all that flips in the air by the PTA reminds me of Air Gear :P

Mitamura got beat-up badly by this one-eyed evil bishie. Love the gorgeous artwork here.

CODA – Chapter 2 (I love this funny cute chapter)
Here’s how the little boy turn into a little ballerina trap

Lmao … :D

TOXIC - Chapter 3
Hawt Chapter. How is Luka, the new recruit and main character link to doc?

Commotion… & Luka, why are you in that state? xD

Monochrome Factor – Chapter 55 Double Colour Spread and,

Colour Page
**Click on the above image for Chapter 55** (p/w: mono)

Wallpaper of the chapter’s cover illustration from avarus official website

See PAGE 2 for JUMP SQ Issue 09

**Note: You may use the images for personal use but don’t claim the scans as your own and post it everywhere w/o due credit to their original source. That would be rather pitiful, don’t u think!

13 thoughts on “[Mags] Avarus and Jump SQ Issues 09

  1. the cover and first colors page, what manga of it ? XO,boy with red hair and yellow eyes?…and the guy look like oni,red hair with FOX mask in hand …?

    • Those were original illustrations/art work commissioned for Avarus that weren’t from any manga. The original artwork for the Avarus magazine cover is by Kazuki Yone who is most famous for her illustrative works for ‘Hakuoki’.

  2. I know this is kind of late to post, but I was wondering if you could help me find Jump SQ’s vol 9 issue release of Furukawa Shiori’s one shot, Honey Melon (Hanimero, ハニーメロ) I’ve searched all over and your blog has the most releases of info on Jump SQ I’ve seen. If you could help me, that’d be great ^^ Thanks!

    Forgot to mention my scan group is interested in releasing it, lol.

  3. Thanks for the covers! I do have a question though; I am kind of new to reading Jump SQ series. Could someone tell me what day it comes out each month? Just wondering when I should check for gekka bijin among others. Thanks a ton.

    • :) You’re welcome! Glad you find JSQ interesting.

      F.y.i, Jump SQ is out on sale every 4th of the month in Japan. My copy usually arrives 2 days after that or sometimes 3 days, depending on the shipment day. Hope that helps.

    • xD You’re welcome. Glad you enjoy the updates. Yeah, I *lol* at my own KSII review too. Is late with Ep.08 review though. It’ll be laughably short when I get round to it. :D

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